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Connecting people, using technology

Founded by Dr Arnon Rolnick & Adam Leighton
Advice for Organisations

Undoubtedly, virtual teams are an integral part of modern organizations, from startups to global corporations.

Combined with the recent outbreak of the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic, the need to adopt the use of virtual workshops and virtual team meetings has dramatically grown.

In the past few years, the technologies enabling video conferencing have started to mature, however as with any tool, knowledge is needed to operate it effectively and understand what can be gained from it.

Advice for the general public

Friends night out - online? Online family gathering - possible?

The corona epidemic creates physical isolation - but this does not mean that we have to endure social isolation. Learn how to make meaningful connections using technology tools.

Advice for therapists

Rich information about effective care and individual with video calls for individual and group therapy.

Therapy Sessions
Our activity

We set up the centre to address the growing need for quality research-based knowledge and experience on the use of technological means to create meaningful relationships and work processes across a variety of disciplines.


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About us

Dr. Arnon Rolnik, Dr. Arnon Rolnick is a clinical psychologist with a special interest in the integration of technology and psychology.
Rolnick gained his PhD in psychology from Tel Aviv University and did his postdoctoral research at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. A recipient of the Rothschild and the Lewis fellowships, he served as a visiting scientist in several research centers in the USA, Britain and the Netherlands.


Adam Leighton, (BSc), a certified and talented liCBT therapist with the most innovative therapeutic approaches such as ACT.

I left a fulfilling career with a desire to devote all my time to working with people, and I am proud to say that I am able to help patients cope with the difficulties of living a meaningful life as they would like.

Software & Hardware

What software should you use? Skype? Zoom? Facetime?

Enough standard camera? When should you invest in a special camera?

How to download the software? How do you get into a meeting in zoom?

We will endeavor to answer the vexing questions when using video calls.

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