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Tips for families and friends

Coronavirus implications

The headlines about the spread of the COVID19 virus emphasize the mortality and infection intensity. What is rarely discussed is the impact of the isolation imposed on millions of citizens throughout the world. Isolation can cause various difficulties including complex interpersonal dynamics. The use of technology combined with relevant knowledge can help overcome some of the challenges we are facing.

Share ideas

Technical Tips

  • Make sure you are in gallery mode (if using Zoom).

  • Sit away from the camera to see the entire torso.

  • You can share songs from your computer - the option is shared - Advanced
    Shared Screen - and select the option of share computer sound at the bottom of the window.

  • Try to make eye contact with friends.

  • The level of lighting in the room greatly affects the quality of the picture. If necessary, arrange more lighting.

  • Videos explaining how to use Zoom

IDeas for activities

  • Group drawing  - with the help of the zoom whiteboard.

  • Clap hands in sync - not so simple!

  • Charades Game - A word or phrase guessing game. Divide into groups, and in turn try to describe the word without using speech, with the group guessing correctly winning a point. Private breakout rooms can be used in zoom.

  • Another version - draw the concept. Everyone has to guess what it is.

  • 2 truths and lies - each of them tells three stories about himself, when, as you can infer from the name, two are true and one is false, and the group has to guess what is right and what is not. Even more challenging (and funny) if everyone in attendance knows each other.

  • Role-playing game - "The Killer" (also called "Mafia")

  • Virtual banquet - You don't have to go out to the pub for a drink together. Prepare food or drink in advance - and ... cheers!

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