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Which software? How to use?



There are many models of cameras on the market, with prices ranging from about NIS 100 to NIS thousands. So how do you choose which is best for you?


Heres a list of features that can help you select the most suitable for you:


  • Video call quality. Most often 720P or 1080P. For home use, the 720P will suffice.

  • Built-in microphone - a bit more convenient!

  • Audio quality - especially the ability to isolate noise. In the more expensive models -  the ability to recognize the speaker (e.g. group sessions).

  • Ability to zoom, pan, and tilt - very useful in therapy sessions and meetings. Less critical for home use.

  • Speaker tracking capability - usually a very expensive function. Important when multiuser meetings are held and there is a need to focus on the speaker.


Below is a brief list of some of the webcams available. We have no vested interest in any model or manufacturer and we do not intend to represent a comprehensive market survey. The information is based on our experience only.

Work / Professional use

280-500 ILS

  • Logitech C920s

  • Logitech C930e

    • Benefits - Performance under low lighting conditions. Wide angle view.  Excellent microphone.


Social and family gatherings - for use with Facetime only

  • Facebook Portal TV

  • Interesting option. You do not need a computer - just plug into TV. Great for social and family get-togethers. Camera focuses on the speaker.
    Works only with Facebook (Facetime).


Home use (1:1)

100-350 ILS

  • Logitech C310

  • Logitech C615

  • Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000

  • Microsoft Lifecam Studio

    • Higher image quality- more expensive

  • Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

    • Considered a gaming webcam


For groups / teams

1000+ ILS

  • Logitech BCC 950

    • Tracking (moving) camera with remote control. Built-in speakers and microphones. Great sound quality.

  • Logitech MeetUp and Expansion Mic HD

    • Professional and expensive



Family and social gatherings

Facetime is Facebook's video calling service. The combination of this service with the PORTAL TV kit offers a convenient solution for social gatherings and meetings, is easy to use and does not require computer use.

Any computer or mobile phone with a Facebook account can join.


Most applications

We recommend zoom software for a number of reasons:

  • Information Security - Zoom software meets stringent and approved standards for therapeutic use (HIPPA standard).

  • Stability - Compared to other software, zoom software works even when communication is not very stable. Of course that's relative ...

  • Functions - There are a number of very useful and easy-to-use functions such as a whiteboard with which all participants can write and draw, private conversation rooms during meetings, virtual backgrounds (provided the computer is relatively new) and more.

  • Free software for home use. Theoretically there is a limit to the free version of a 45-minute call. In practice, this restriction has not yet been implemented.

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